Sunday, June 15, 2008


And finally, a post on my vacation.

John pestered me a bit to post while we were actually out at sea, but I didn't really want to take time out to blog. Plus, what would a vacation post be without the photos? Seriously, I couldn't have described the Aztec dog enough to do it justice. You have to see for yourself.

Anyway, the cruise was wonderful. Carnival is fantastic and I don't think we'll ever try a different cruise line. We had very little rain (a few passing showers), mostly calm seas (one rocky night) and no sunburn! (Okay... John had just a bit on his face for a day or two, but who's counting?) We visited Cozumel in Mexico, Grand Cayman of the Cayman Islands, and Jamaica. I enjoyed each port, but Jamaica was probably my favorite followed closely by Mexico and Grand Cayman.

The main reason I loved Jamaica was the waterfall. We climbed Dunne's River Falls and it was totally awesome. Fortunately, we didn't break our necks in the process. Due to all of the rushing water, we don't have any photos of this part. Here's us just afterward:

In the Cayman Islands we went to a turtle farm, which was half cool and half sad. I couldn't quite understand why they had so many turtles that were crammed into little pools and not released into the wild. Grand Cayman was beautiful and John was into the history of it all. We did a Mayan ruins tour of Tulum in Mexico. We took a ferry from Cozumel to the mainland. It was pretty interesting. Oh, and also interesting? A Spanish tourist went to jail last year when he decided to take a stone from one of the temple walls and in turn collapsed the whole thing. Can you imagine?

We cruised on the Carnival Triumph this trip. It was a beautiful ship and, although smaller than the Valor, we didn't really notice. Carnival also sets up all their ships pretty much the same, so it was cool how quickly we became familiar with the layout.

There were two formal nights. On night one, we matched. On the second, we were a little edgier. :)

It's hard to really blog about an entire week of great stuff. So that combined with the fact that this post is way, way (way) overdue, I'm just going to go ahead and post it as is. If blogger decides to stop being stupid and let me upload some more pictures, you can check those out later.