Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How does your garden grow?

My brother, John, and I planted my garden this past weekend. There's grape tomatoes and plum tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers and a bunch of herbs. The soil's very sandy - I hope they take.

After a couple weeks, this was the first chance we had to finally get everything planted (mostly due to rain). I figured it was such a small plot that it wouldn't take very long, but there were quite a few troubles.

I was wrong.

First, a layer of wood chip covering. No big problem. Then, a layer of plastic. Not too tough, either. Then, rocks - tons and tons of little rocks and pebbles that must have, at one point, been a covering. We left the rocks in - hopefully it doesn't hurt anything. A few inches deeper was more plastic - old plastic - that shredded in our hands. That served much more problematic. The planter in the corner (an old tire) is there because a few inches below that was a big cement brick. We also found various odds and ends when we dug - a rusty chain, shards of glass and weird plastic...

Anyhow, it's finished now and I started yesterday on out front, planting some pink impatiens. Our porch is super shoddy, so until the landlords fix it I figure I could pretty up the area with some flowers. Next - hanging baskets! I'm thinking purples, pinks and whites...

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