Friday, May 23, 2008

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

I've been so busy. Some of it is thanks to my doing, but a big chunk of it is out of my control. (Unless you say it is my choice to work, however, I have to pay the bills somehow.)

Barks on the Boards is Sunday, giving owners a chance to walk the Boardwalk with their four-legged pals without getting a lovely fine from the police. The Humane Society is putting it on, and it's the biggest fundraiser of the year for them. I've been helping by collecting items for raffle baskets and making posters. I still have to make one big banner and, on Saturday, my mom and I are assembling all of the raffle baskets with goodies donated by local merchants. I'm also going to volunteer at the event the day-of. It's fun. I like helping them out.

I've also been corresponding with my new Adopt-A-Platoon soldier. He's a specialist stationed in Afghanistan, out of harms way more so than a lot of troops involved in our current conflict. (Which is, honestly, a relief to know I'm writing to someone who is a bit safer.) It's neat because he's been emailing a bit, and my previous two soldiers I supported I didn't hear from much. You don't need to hear from them - you just inherently know what you do is appreciated - but it's still neat to get the emails. I sent out my first package to him today, filled with some (I hope) good stuff, like homemade cookies, Johnson's Popcorn, Shriver's salt water taffy, Rauhauser's fudge and some games and a football. Oh, and my newspapers. I know. But maybe he'll be interested!

My garden is doing fantastic. The dill and English thyme kicked the bucket - I know the thyme spent too much time out of the ground, but I'm not quite sure what went wrong with the dill. I'm going to replace the thyme with oregano, and maybe some marjoram or sage where the dill was. Everything else is more or less thriving, and I'll have to stake the tomato plants in a couple of weeks, I think. I still have flowers to plant out front and a bunch of weeding to do. I'll have to make that my project for after vacation.

Speaking of! John and I leave for our cruise on May 31! We're doing the Western Caribbean this go round, still with Carnival, on a new ship, the Triumph. It's a seven day stint and I'm très excited. I think more than anything I'm just loving the fact that I'll be away from work for nine whole days and get to spend all of that time with the boy. (I am not happy to leave my pooch for so long, however my super awesome and gracious roommate Ryan will be watching her with some help from her girlfriend, Felicia, and I couldn't ask for Piper to be in better hands. The lucky dog.)

Save for spending a paragraph or two talking about the craziness and stress that is work right now, that's really all that's been going on. So, just consider this a little update post. Maybe I'll have some Memorial Day weekend pictures later on.

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