Thursday, January 22, 2009

A dusting of snow

It (finally) snowed a little bit on Sunday into Monday, and the flurries fell pretty steadily through Monday afternoon.

Piper was in her element when we went for a walk, in complete and total play mode the whole time trying to jump around and convince me to let her off her leash. Because of the traffic I couldn't, of course, and I felt pretty bad about it. She loves snow. I think we're going to need to live somewhere with more of it.

I miss having snowstorms, too. We actually used to get our fair share when I was a little kid, but now (global warming?) we barely get a decent snowfall.

I hope it snows again before winter's through, although I've also been looking forward to spring and summer. (I think that's only because it's been SO insanely cold lately, which I don't mind as much if there's snow with it, but otherwise it gets tiring.) I love going to the local farmer's market to pick up produce every week and being able to take Piper on longer walks. I'm not looking forward to the busy tourist season, though... I guess everything has its ups and downs.

I've been thinking more and more about getting out of this area lately. I don't know if it's just because it's winter and things are so dead and slow, or if I really do need to leave Jersey behind for a little while. I know it's not something that would happen real soon - not for a year or two, probably - but it's a thought. Maybe I just need a vacation.

Speaking of, John and I are taking a weekend away soon! We're thinking the first weekend in April will be best. He gave me a weekend getaway of my choosing for Christmas, and while I'm anxious to take a trip, I have no idea where to go. I want something relaxing, so that counts out NYC. It's great, of course, but a weekend trip there is always so fast-paced. I think going north would be nice, maybe some New England-ish location. I'm thinking some cool, artsy little town with a theater and downtown and nice restaurants, and staying maybe in a bed and breakfast.

Any suggestions? Because really that's a made up town in my head - I have no idea how to find something like that.


Stereo_IWantItAll said...

Rhinebeck. Ask Ryan about that.

Jess said...

If only Star's Hollow really existed...