Tuesday, January 6, 2009


One of my resolutions this year is to have a little Etsy shop up and running by Sept. 1. Until then, I'll be crafting up a storm to get ready. I think this will help give my crafting some focus, and it would be nice to make a little extra cash because people like my stuff. It's a win-win.

Right now, I'm trying to come up with what I should be crafting and, later, selling. It's going to be a mishmash of crafts, not like the shops that focus on one type of things, like plushies or jewelry. I know I'll be making Sculpey charms and simple jewelry, like my post here. Ryan's given me some cool new ideas, too. Other than that... I'm really not sure yet.

I make all sorts of things, but I don't know what's very marketable. Since I'm launching it Sept. 1, I think I'll be focusing on fall and winter items. Then again, I could craft any type of thing that could be a nice gift for the holidays. It's all a little overwhelming.

I also need to study up on packaging, postage, insurance... I guess I'll need to get a scale so I know how much to charge for these things. I know I'll be "going green" with my packaging, i.e. reusing boxes and stuffing. It's better for the environment and also better for my wallet.

So, any thoughts on all of this? It's already the second week of January, and I've yet to do a thing except think on it. I better get moving!

Edited to add: I do have a name for my shop already, but I think I'm going to keep it under wraps for a little while. Well... except for those people who I already told.

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