Friday, October 24, 2008

Plethora of polymer!

I've been making tons of little polymer charms and such lately. I'm using sculpey, which as far as I've heard is not the best brand, but it is the cheapest so therefore I went with it. I found that if I use the translucent sculpey as a base glue before baking, and then glaze the whole thing afterward, it holds together perfectly and is quite durable.

Anyway, I made lots of little charms that I turned into earrings, and then a handful of little pumpkins to sit on my desk at work. These are the pumpkins:

And a few more shots of the earrings:

The little orange pumpkin earrings are my favorite.

I want to learn how to texture better with polymer. For instance, the dollop of whipped cream on the pumpkin pie could look much more realistic, as well as the pie filling itself. The little bats were a pain and I only made one set of them, but I think they turned out so well with the beads that I'm going to have to make more.

I think I'll start making some Thanksgiving and Christmas charms now.


Ryan said...

Your photos are so wonderfully artsy lately!!

And also, your charms are awesome.


Shanon said...

Oh my GOD I want a cupcake set!!! I love the pumpkin pie too!

The gloss turned out really well.

Are you going to put them on etsy???