Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Coworker Christmas Gifts

Cookies are my staple coworker holiday gift, but I like to add a little something else to the giving every year. Two years ago I did cookies and mini beaded lampshades with electric candles for the ladies and cookies and fudge for the guys. Last year I did cookies and chex mix in little tins. This year I gave bags of cookies and mugs filled with homemade candies. Oh, and a candy cane reindeer, too.

I collected the mugs throughout the year, keeping an eye out for when places like Starbucks and Pier I had sales. That way, they're really nice mugs, but not for a huge bill. I liked how the mismatched mugs all looked together before I wrapped them up. I filled the mugs with peppermint bark and chocolate covered pretzels, wrapped it up with cellophane and tied a candy cane reindeer and handmade tag on with ribbon.

The cookies were put into crimson-stripped cellophane bags and tied with pretty red ribbon, both items my mom's friend found on the internet for a fraction of the cost they would have been if ordered from Williams-Sonoma. We didn't bake nearly as many cookies this year, but between my mom, Ryan and I, we had a nice little variety. I think I should have made some normal gingerbread men, though - the sad ones missing limbs looked like they were in candy cane jail in the cellophane bags, as Ryan pointed out. Haha.

Here's how everything looked all wrapped up.

And everyone seemed pleased to receive them! Happy holidays, coworkers!

Oh, and I received some very nice gifts, too! Joan gave me eggnog truffles from Starbucks (mmm...) and Mary gave me a very cute, sparkly wicker basket full of awesome baking supplies - actually, all supplies I either didn't have or needed to replace! Plus a cookbook. Dave gave me spices from Penzeys, which I haven't used yet but am anxious to try out. I think with all my new baking stuff (the Godfreys gave me a three-tiered square cake pan set!), I'm going to have to try out some new recipes and decorating ideas.

Can't wait!

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