Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Leave a message at the...

I've been up for a new phone since May, so sooner or later I'm going to persuade my dad to head over to Verizon with me to pick up our free little upgrades. I can't wait. I have the pink Razr, and it's a piece, all right.

For instance, yesterday it started to beep maniacally to let me know that its battery was going to die (again). I plugged it in to charge, but as soon as I put it down my brother called. I unplugged for a quick hello and quickly returned the phone to charging (as to avoid the maniacal beeping), and it pleasantly blinked "fully charged." It was dead again after one short phone conversation.

It's also missing a button - the center button, the one that you press about 10 times more often than any other button on your phone. I have to push my hand into a little empty divot now.

It just goes to show that paying extra for the fancier phone isn't at all worth it. The free upgrade phone will do just fine this go round, thanks.

There is one reason I will be sad to give my little pink phone the heave-ho. My saved voice messages.

When you get a new cell, you can transfer your phone book, and sometimes little details like ring tones. You can't, to my knowledge, transfer your saved voice mails. I have about ten that stay saved consistently.

The first one is of my parents singing me happy birthday. One is a birthday greeting from my Uncle Gordie. Another is Bill wishing my Happy Birthday as Mickey Mouse. There's one that is just a cute hello left by John (the boyfriend), and a quick hi-love you-bye from John (the brother). In one of the messages, my dad is explaining how he wore the mathematics tie I gave him to work and was complimented. Ryan left a message - just some simple, probably a call back - that I saved. Then there are two from Stef - the first is when she was in labor with Salem, the second one when she was in labor with Finn. (I was number one on the call list because I was on Seven watching duty, and then Seven-and-Salem watching duty.)

I don't know why I save all of these messages. Part of it might be this irrational fear of losing someone, but being able to remember their voice. It's also because they all make me smile - they're all happy messages from people I love. Whatever the case, I'll be sad when I switch phones and I have to lose those messages.

But who knows - maybe they will transfer over. It is just the voice mailbox, after all - not something that's actually inside your phone on the memory card or anything, right?

Whatever the case, I will miss the messages, but I'm certainly not going to miss the phone.

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