Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sweet success!

Tonight's Holiday Cooke Swap was a smashing success - without the smashing of any cookies, of course. There were 14 of us there and 16 types of cookies (Ryan and Stef made two types each), and it was mighty tough not eating everything while you were taking your share.

It was such an awesome variety, too - no one tried to go the boring chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin route. Some of the cookie types were chocolate caramel thumbprints (by Megan), rocky road bar cookies (by Jen), cream cheese cookies (by Pat) and peppermint hershey kiss blossoms (by Karen). Mrs. Laughlin made scrumptious cherry cookies, my mom created a delicious chocolate coconut bar cookie, and Nancy made wonderful little coconut numbers. Stef's cookies were lemon spritz and shortbread animals; Ryan did chocolate chip shortbread dipped in red chocolate and Nutella cookies. Pam brought a cranberry, white chocolate cookie. Her friend, Fern, did a spiral-like spritz; Shawnda had spritz cookies that were little green trees with jimmies and sprinkles.

I made my merry little gingerbread men:

Haha. Or maybe not so merry, as it were.

These are Tanya's jammy flowers:

I think everyone had a great time, too - at least, I really hope they did. I had a lovely time and hope I can make this a new tradition. It's a fun way to get a nice variety of cookies. If anyone reading this came to the swap, thanks so much for coming!

You brightened my holidays - and made them much sweeter!

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The Angry Reporter said...

Pam brought me some cookies tonight. The peppermint thingies were really good. Also, the caramel cookies were great, too. :-)