Monday, December 29, 2008

Piper's Christmas

For Christmas, I baked Piper some peanut butter dog treats. She also received a bag of treats she likes from Animal House, a beef bone and a stuffed green and white striped candy cane. She loved everything.

The peanut butter treats are really a hit. It's a recipe from the Three Dog Bakery Cookbook. I made a double batch and gave some to plenty of pampered pooches - Chipper, Seven, Mackie, Murphy and the Waddell clan. Joan bought four tins from me to give out. I forgot to send Ferris's home with Ryan, so I'm going to have to bake another batch and mail some up to Poughkeepsie. (I know, I know, Ryan, he doesn't need treats, but what dog really needs treats, anyway?)

1 comment:

Stereo_IWantItAll said...

the first and last picture of piper are too cute. how hard was it to get a picture with her looking at the camera with the stuffed toy in her mouth?