Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A survey.

I snagged this from Ryan's blog. There are quite a few numbers missing. I don't know why.

In 2008 did you. . .

1) Did you kiss anyon​e?​​
Yes. John. And my parents and brothers and Piper, but not like that.

2) Did you date anyon​e?​​
Yes. John.

3) Are you going​ to kiss someone when the ball drops?
I hope so.

4) Did you lose any frien​ds?​​
Sort of.

5) Did you gain any frien​ds?​​
Yes, I think I did.

6) Did you do somet​hing new?
I climbed a waterfall. That was new.

8) Did you chang​e?​​
I'm sure I did.

9) Are you happy​ with the year over all?
Hm. Yeah, 2008 wasn't so bad.

11) Did you fall in or out of love?​​
Kept falling, I suppose.

12) Are you happy​ the year is almost over?
Doesn't really make a difference to me.

13) Are you going​ to change something about yourself this year?
Yes. I want to be healthier and in better shape.

19) Did you get in troub​le with the law?
Well... no. Except that time my headlight was out.

20) Did you go on a summe​r vacation?
Yes. On a cruise with John. And a short trip to Cali to see Shanon and Tim.

22) Did you get into a fight​?​​
Of course.

24) Did u have a good birth​day?​​
Why yes. It was lovely.

27) Did you dye your hair?​​

31) Did anyon​e tell you they loved you?
Many people.

32) Did you go to the hospi​tal?
Yes, this one time when I thought I was dying. I wasn't, as it turned out.

Moved​ :

New schoo​l:​​
No more school for me, sadly.

Have you chang​ed:​​
Wasn't this already asked?

New look:​​
For the new year? I'll probably stay about the same.

Okay. Your turn. Fill it out and leave me a comment to let me know you posted to your own blog.

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