Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hurricane Hanna

...was such a disappointment.

Don't get me wrong - I didn't want anything too major. But, after all this hype and preparation, a little bit of flooding or a brief power outage would have been nice. I hate when the weather forecasters predict this huge major catastrophe, and it's but a blip on the radar. We had a bunch of rain and some wind, and that was it.

And I live on an island. It wouldn't have taken much.

Well, as can be assumed, I guess, Ryan, Felicia, Piper and I were stuck in the house all day. I fielded frequent calls from my mom (which were much less frantic than last night) and assured her we'd head right over if the city suggested an evacuation. We watched a lot of television (way, way too much). I finished "What Was Lost" by Catherine O'Flynn (excellent!), read a bit more of Harry Potter, worked on some dream catchers and did a puzzle (yes... the entire thing). I realized late tonight I should have been working on the boards I have to paint for next week's Humane Society fundraiser, but I sort of forgot about that. I'll work on them tomorrow.

I wanted to work on some sculpey pins, but after much research I figured I need to use translucent liquid sculpey for bonding the clay. I had made pins last year and had some trouble with some of them, as far as antlers falling off of reindeer and snowmen losing their carrot noses. I, of course, couldn't go by any TLS today so I had to save the sculpey for another time. Shame.