Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Putting for Paws... for kids!

So, this Saturday is the Humane Society's Golf Tournament. (Seriously - that's what it's called. It used to be Mulligans for Mutts, which is too cute, isn't it? But apparently the Board of Directors didn't think it was "appropriate.") Um, anyway, I am in charge of designing the boards for Putting for Paws, where little kids get to take a shot for a $1 and win prizes if they can get their golf ball through a hole.

Now, it's not that I don't want to make the boards. I do. I just have so many craft projects in the works that it's hard to stay focused! But I promised myself this week that no other crafting will be done until I finish the boards. Aside from cutting the holes out, one is completely painted, a second is 75% finished, and the third is not yet started. So... I should be able to finish tomorrow, Thursday at the latest. I think they're very cute so far. I'll post pictures after Saturday - I want to take them "in action" at the putting.

What's that? You're dying to know what craft projects are in the works? Alright, then. I'll tell you.

I'm itching to make some charms and pins out of my Sculpey (after all my crafty research). There are all these ideas spinning through my head for teeny clay pumpkins. I got some advice from Kim today on how to make earring charms. I think I'm going to make some owls, leaves and other autumn inspired things, too. I still need to buy glaze for the charms... I'm going to have to research that next. Unless someone has a suggestion?

Another project I want to get to are election T-shirts I'm making. The front will say: Barack the vote. And the back: Vote Obama Biden. I'm making one for me, Ryan and Felicia. Any other takers? John agreed to wear one, but his is going to say "Do you smell what Barack is cookin'?" on the front. (He likes wrestling, didn't you know?)

I need to paint some more styrofoam pumpkins, seeing as I have 10 left. I dropped off my first sets at Rosie's store (The Maple Tree) ) but I don't know if any sold yet. That's okay, though. I have plenty of friends I can give them to otherwise.

Now, since I've spent the last couple hours painting dogs and cats onto boards, I should probably get some actual work done for my job. You know, so I can make some money. Although, I saw a post on Craftster today from a girl who has been crafting into the wee hours of the morning because she's unemployed and has nothing better to do. And that got me to thinking... maybe I should become unemployed and craft all day. But then I figured I won't be able to buy much in the way of supplies if I'm not making any money.

So nix that idea. Time to do work.

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Stef said...

I'll Barack the vote!

Great idea!!!

I LOVELOVELOVE the pumpkins and am going to buy some. They are going to be the best thing at Maple Tree and I'm not just saying that because we're friends. :)