Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two strange things.

Two strange things happened in the same amount of days.

First, yesterday morning Piper and I found a slug in the kitchen. It was probably about three to four inches long, and a good nickel-sized thick in the middle. Surprisingly, Piper didn't try to eat it, and it was slugging around right by her water bowl. I think she encounters them enough outside for it to not be much of a novelty, though she was a bit whiney and distressed by it. She lost interest when I gave her breakfast.

Now, you may think, slug, big deal. But I don't kill bugs, even spiders which I really really hate. Okay, that's a little lie. I do kill mosquitos, but only when they're sucking my blood. The other day I even opened a window to shoo a mosquito outside.

Anyway, Piper and I found this slug and I didn't really have any idea how to get rid of it. Slugs are wet and slimy, and they suction to the ground, especially linoleum, as it turns out. First I grabbed a paper towel, but I quickly realized that wasn't a good plan, because the poor little guy was already a bit less slimy than usual. The paper towel kind of stuck to it and dried it out, and I couldn't pull it off the ground. I ended up surrounding the slug with saran wrap, waiting for it to crawl onto a piece, and then let it go in the bushes outside.

So, that was weird thing number one. I mean, how did a huge slug get into the kitchen? The doors are all sealed, the windows have screens... assuming it did get in through a door, it would have had to crawl all across the carpet to get to the kitchen. Shouldn't he have been all covered in lint and stuff? Strange.

Second, this morning I woke up and walked into the upstairs bathroom to hear this incessant buzzing... the sink and walls were even vibrating, and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. I turned the water on and off, checked the medicine cabinet, and walked into the hallway to hear the buzzing through the walls.

I walked back into the bedroom and told John about it, and he was pretty much still asleep, but still managed to ask me if it was a bug buzzing or an electric buzzing. I told him electric, and apparently this was the lesser of two evils, because he didn't respond.

I decided I couldn't do anything until I figured this out, because what if a pipe was going to burst in the wall or something? I went to move everything from around the sink, and when I moved the toothbrush holder I paused, and then pulled out Ryan's new, electric, vibrating toothbrush.

Which was left on. Who knew those things were so powerful?

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Stereo_IWantItAll said...

hahhahahah a vibrating toothbrush. oh man. best thing i've read all night.